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1. It is acceptable to dress casually (T-shirt and Jeans) going to a loan signing when it is:

2. The Notice of Right to Cancel gives the borrowers how many business days after the signing date to change their mind and rescind the loan?

3. Which of the following documents require notarization?

4. If there is no room for the Notary Seal imprint on a document, you should: 

5. What is the APR of a loan?

6. If you are notarizing a signing in a county other than where the subject property is, you should complete your notary certificate by writing in the county where:

7. When not specified by the escrow or title company, what color of ink should you default to when signing loan documents:

8. What does APR stand for?

9. What is a 4506 form. 

10. Which documents need to be signed by a non-borrowing spouse?

11. What is an impound account?

12. What documents do you leave with borrowers if they refuse to sign?

13. What is a HUD-1 Settlement Statement?

14. Once a loan signing is complete, when should you report the outcome to Elite Signing Services?

15. if a borrower does not want to sign their loan documents, you should:

16. If a borrower's name is misspelled on the loan documents, you should:

17. Which of the following loan transactions typically have a recession period?

18. Where can you find the loan amount, the interest rate and the monthly payment information?

19. When you complete the notary certificate on the Deed of Trust, you fill in the borrower's name as follows:

20. Elite Signing Services prides itself on working with notaries that are: 

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