Account Executive Program


Make money on signings you are unable to do yourself, just by referring your contacts to Elite Signing Services! We understand that you have created relationships with Escrow Officers, Realtors, and Loan Officer, and you can now get paid for those signings they send to the local signing services.


Here is how it works: You help your clients set up an account with Elite Signing Services, making sure they state they were referred by you.  When you are unable to accommodate your client yourself you can either offer to set it up for them using their account information or direct them to place the order online.  After the successful completion of the signing you will be paid based on the money retained by Elite Signing Services.


We understand the importance of developing strong relationships. Your contact at the Title Company, Lender or Real Estate office is yours and we are not in the business of trying to change that relationship.  Due to the nature of this business other notaries may have contacts in your same office with other people, sometimes even your contact. If this should happen Elite Signing Services will pay out funds based on how the signing was set up.  If the title company orders the accommodation signing with Elite Signing Services and uses the profile linked to your referral, you will receive the referral fee.  If another referring Account Executive is used, they will receive the referral fee.  Only one referral will be paid per accommodation signing request.


Elite Signing Services will pay you 25% of the fee retained by Elite Signing Services for an accommodation signing referred by you. You will be paid at the time of payment to the notary, the amount determined by paid invoices from title.  Referrals will be paid quarterly on balances over 100.00 or added to any month end signing pay that you would normally paid.  You have the ability to set up the rate on all portions of the signing just like you would with your clients now, as long as they meet the guidelines for Eliteís Minimum Fee Schedule. 


Elite Signing Services Minimum Fee Schedule  

$100.00 Local Loan Document Accommodation Signing

$50.00 Concurrent 2nd Set of Loan Documents 

$35.00 EDocs Printed by Notary

$35.00 Accommodation Signing Performed in Foreign Language


For example, we have a title company that you have referred to us and needs a scheduled signing in Texas , with a 1st and 2nd set of loan documents that they want to email for a signing. 


$220.00 Total Collected from Title Company

$145.00 Paid to Notary Signing Agent in Texas

$75.00 to be split by Elite Signing Services and You (The Referring Account Executive)

$18.75 paid to you and 56.25 to be retained by Elite Signing Services


On the average, our Account Executives make between $12.00 and $19.00 per signing for work that someone else is doing.   Please remember that that is based on the minimum.  Some title companies may be in the habit of paying you higher fees on a set of first loan documents, which you may be able to pass on to this program..  There is no risk on your side by providing the referral.


Signing up with Elite Signing Services as a Referring Account Executive is quick and easy! You just need to simply read and sign the Account Executive Agreement with Elite Signing Services, then start signing up your contacts as new clients! There will be a place in the New Client Registration for your clients to enter your name as the Referring Account Executive. Also, having your name in the signing order email will allow you to receive confirmation there was a notary completed and billed, not paid.  You will receive a transaction report monthly (with activity) to review.   If you see an old outstanding unpaid escrow you should call your contact at the title company or loan office first, to see the status of the payment, and then let Elite Signing Services know the current status.   In the instance where the escrow doesnít close because the borrower canceled the loan neither the Referring Account Executive (You) nor Elite Signing Services will receive payment for the signing appointment.


Contact Elite Signing Services today to get signed up, and start making extra commissions on the Accommodation Signings you canít do!


Start making extra commissions today by completing and faxing this contract to (916) 669-8066


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