About Jeff Johnson


Over the ten years that I have worked as a professional Signing Agent, I have gained the respect and trust of numerous escrow officers, lending professionals and real estate professionals by showing consistent dedication to customer service and detail. In 2003, I opened Sacramento Signing Services to serve the Northern California area. When other companies developed and marketed the same name in the region, we decided to change the name to Elite Signing Services to avoid confusion with title companies. I have made it my mission to ensure that every Signing Agent that notarizes under the Elite Signings name understands the level of expertise and customer service that I would give to our clients if I was performing the signing myself.  


About Amanda Johnson


When I set out to run Elite Signing Services, I wanted to develop a different kind of professional notary business. My husband has been a signing service owner for over ten years. I have a background in loan origination. I decided to take my experiences from lending and loan origination to develop a signing service that plain and simply "gets it".


Before my current position I was a Senior Account Executive for World Savings / Wachovia Mortgage for nearly ten years. During that time I worked mainly with mortgage brokers and their loan officers, but also real estate agents to beat deadlines and make miracles happen in the form of loan approvals. Working as the middle stopping point between the loan officer and the escrow officer, one thing was always clear to me - it takes an army to close a home loan. I say that because there are so many key players involved. Everyone has to do their job and all the pins have to line up perfectly for every deadline to be met and for the loan to close on time. There are many points in the timeline that we don't always have control of. One of those key points is when exactly the documents will get to the title company. I also saw how hard the escrow officers worked on a daily basis to play timeline catch up once documents were delivered to title.  If I had a penny for every time a set of loan documents arrived at the title company much later than expected, I'd be a millionaire. Well ok, I'd have a few thousand extra dollars. Let's face it, no one likes the last minute scramble, and nobody likes to be unprepared.


There are so many factors that could delay or modify loan documents. There are also quite a few unknowns when originating a loan. As a loan officer, we don't always exactly know the appraised value of a home until the appraiser completes his report. We don't know the status of a client's credit report until the credit report is pulled. We don't know exactly when documents will hit the title company until they do. We don't know for sure a customer will sign loan documents until they are finished signing them. While I spent my ten years as a wholesale mortgage loan executive working to make miracles happen despite the first two unknowns, I am now working to make the latter two unknowns a lot less stressful to my clients.


How does a signing company work with unknown document delivery times and then unknown of sending a stranger to represent you as a loan professional and help close your loan? The first issue is easy. Our Advance Reservation process lets our loan officer "reserve" an approximate signing date and time with our agency by letting us know a few key factors - zip code, transaction type, where, and a range when documents might be ready. We then start working IMMEDIATELY to secure at least two experienced and ELITE notaries for that specific zip code, that should be available within the time range. We also offer 24/7 online ordering and follow up on all our transactions.


As a loan originator, there was nothing more frustrating that working for weeks or sometimes months on a loan, only to have it go to title where a notary I wasn't familiar with performed the accommodation signing, and commented about the loan or convinced the borrower not to sign.  Because these instances still haunt me years later, we have developed questionnaires, interviews and trainings to make certain we send out only the best notaries for your clients. I wish someone had done the same for me and my loan officers. Put simply, we get it. And we’ll get it done for you.




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