Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Q: Where should I return the signed documents?

    A:  The documents should be returned as quickly as possible to our client, to avoid problems in the loan closing, and your payment as well. There will be instructions with your documents stating where to return them, and prepaid shipping information as well if the documents will need to be shipped. If where to return the documents is ever a concern, please contact Elite Signing immediately.

  2. Q: Will I get paid if the borrower does not show up for his/her appointment?

    A: If you arrive at the correct location for the confirmed appointment on time and the borrower fails to appear after 30 minutes, please call Elite Signing Services to inform us of a no show appointment. If all borrowers were notified of the appointment time and place and do not show within 30 minutes of the confirmed time, Elite Signing Services will pay you the fee agreed upon in your contract for a No Show Appointment.

  3. Q: How do I get paid?

    A: Notaries will be paid by Elite Signing Services. We track all signing transactions through our online order tracking system. You will not need to submit an invoice to us in order to get paid. We issue checks no later than 30 days from the date the signing transaction is complete and updated in our system. We will IMMEDIATELY END our relationship with any notary or signing agent who discusses fees with our clients.

  4. Q: I work a 9-5 job during the week. Are there business opportunities to make money with your company during the time I am not at my full time job?

    A.: Yes! Most borrowers also work a 9-5 full time job, and many require a loan signing appointment to be scheduled after 5pm or on the weekends. Working as an independent contractor with Elite Signing Services is a great way to earn extra income to save, spend or put aside for a rainy day! Our office is open late and a manager is always on call to accept calls from our notaries after business hours. Our day isnít done until your signing is!

  5. Q: Who do I call if there is a question at the signing table?

    A:  The first point of contact for notorial questions should always be the closing agent, or escrow officer. The borrowers should be informed by their loan officer  to call them during the signing process if there are issues or questions that arise. Elite Signing Services always offers 24/7 Signing Table Support to its notaries, should you need a question answered. Our goal is to always keep the borrower signing.

  6. Q: Do you offer an incentive program for your Signing Agents to bring in new business clients to Elite Signing Services?

    A: Yes we do. Elite Signing knows the best form of marketing and relationship building is face to face. Thatís why in addition to our own sales force, we also encourage you to act your areaís own Account Executive. Elite has a great business incentive program for those signing agents looking to make extra income by recruiting new clients for the company. Please contact our sales team for more information




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